At Guard Ind Australia, we are actively seeking applicators for our full range of products. If you are involved with maintenance, cleaning, concrete, tiling, sealants, painting, decorating, strata, landscaping then we have the products to make your job easier, safer and more efficient.


Guard is a family business and has expanded across 60 countries while keeping the family ethos and work environment intact. The level of support and assistance is second to none, with 25 years experience and having worked on some of the most iconic projects in the world, Guard will leave no stone unturned to assist with any queries. There are no sign up costs, no ongoing costs and no fees.


Guard is fully aware that time = $, our products are designed with fast cleaning and installation in mind. Our cleaners are powerful and fast acting. Our water and oil repellents are based on a "one flood coat application" so a single application is all that is required. No more waiting for coat 1, or 2 to dry and cure before coat 3 can be applied, no returning to the same project 2 or 3 times, get in get the job done and get moving on to the next one.


Further to this as our sealants are penetrating and allow substrates to breath, the substrate does not need to be "bone dry" for application.


Here at Guard we have a team of chemical scientists working to ensure that our products

are the leaders in the market. This ensures that we are at the forefront of our industry.

This is evident in out we patents, to ensure that the competition cant catch up.


At Guard we are fully aware that our applicators are our "people on the street" so we treat each applicator like a full time employee. Full training is provided to help you understand how our products are different and above our competitors. Full training is provided to ensure that you fully understand the application process and are comfortable in tackling virtually any issues that may arise. Our support is also available for any queries, questions, technical info or basic support.


At Guard we recognize that applicators may be subjected to years and decades of exposure of harmful chemicals, although PPE reduces risk it never removes it. Following the hierarchy of control the best possible control for a risk is to remove it. Guards products are safer for users and the environment, being bio degradable and having less impact on health and well being, using guard products will alow you to enjoy a healthier live long into your retirement.


Guards expertise in oil and water repellency allows us to provide a ten year worldwide

guarantee. This guarantee is covered by AXA Insurance, that is a service that is not

matched by any of our competitors. This guarantee is valid only for those ProtectGuard 

applications made by an approved building professional


Building, constructing, renovations, maintenance, cleaning and have impacts on the environment. The products used are often harsh and aggressive. At Guard  we have long been committed to sustainable development therefore our products are developed to rigorous specifications in terms of environmental friendliness. This is evident in our received awards.(some products are 100% bio degradable).  By supplying Guard products you are supplying products that are safer not only on the environment but also the user.


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