Eliminates cement, efflorescence & tartar deposits

Non corrosive and non irritant

Quick efficiency

Does not alter materials

Non hazardous

To be used indoors and outdoors on floors and walls.

Natural & synthetic stone, terracotta, tiling…


Powerful degreasing properties

Removes stains and soiling

Non corrosive and non irritant

Does not alter even fragile materials

No need to pH neutralize after rinsing

Non hazardous

To be used indoors and outdoors on floors.

Natural and synthetic stone, terracotta, tiling,  marble,  stoneware…


High penetration

Quick efficiency

Limits remergence of micro organisms

Does not alter materials

Contains no nonyl phenol, no soda and no potash

Contains no quaternary ammonium


Hydrochloric and phosphoric acid-free

Use on walls, roofs, balconies, fountains, ponds, monuments, fences, decks, garden stones and paving, awnings, tennis courts...


Innovative moss cleaner designed with safety in mind

100% Vegetable origin

Contains no ammonium, does not corrode or damage materials

For use on virtually any surface

Non Irritant

Easy to use

100% biodegradable


Eliminates rust on formwork and building equipment

Bio degradable and non corrosive

Designed with safety in mind

Low environmental impact

Can be applied to virtually any substrate without causing damage (glass, ruber, paints etc...)

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