Guard provide a professional supply and supply and install cleaning, sealing and treatment business for all residential, commercial and industrial businesses. If you need a driveway, roof, warehouse, pavement, pool area etc... cleaned and sealed we have both the products and manpower.

As we supply to the cleaning and sealing industry we are in a position to utilize our contacts to ensure that we are never "booked up". With contacts across Perth and Australia we can service all metro areas. If you wish to purchase for DIY purposes please purcahse from one of our distributors, or contact for warehouse supply.

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As per Guard Industry ethos, we are committed to protecting the environment. Our pressure cleaning is generally performed with water. If chemicals are required to remove stubborn staining, oils, efflorescence etc... then we use one of our bio degradable, non toxic, non acidic cleaners.


Gaurd can clean virtually any surface from all forms of staining.


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Guard Industry is based on providing high performing affordable sealants to the concrete, natural stone and any industry that uses porous substrates. Our research and developments have ensured that our products are used on some of the most iconic building in the world - REFERENCES

You can rest easy knowing that Guards Environmentaly friendly sealers are non toxic, bio degradable, petroleum, solvent and silicone free with low VOC content. This ensures that you, your substrate, plants, pets or surrounding areas are not poisoned

We can protect virtually any porous surface from all forms of staining.

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