Why do surfaces need sealing?

One of the main causes of deterioration in paving surfaces is the ingress and subsequent egress of water, which generally comes from rain or pool water. Flooded and soaked paving draws in water therefore soaking up dissolved salts, dissolved gasses, micro bacteria, acid rain, chlorine etc... When this water evaporates it not only deposits these harmful items within and on the surface causing staining and deterioration, they also encourage the formation of efflorescence. In concrete these issues can lead to rusting of reinforcing, creating cracking and concrete cancer. If left untreated the surface will eventually be required to be replaced.


Guards sealant range prevents the ingress of water to porous surfaces, therefore reducing the impact of flooded or soaked paving, driveways, walls, pool areas, alfresco areas, feature walls or any porous surface internally or externally. This leaves an easier to maintain surface that lasts up to 10 years longer.

At Guard Industry, we pride ourselves on our high performing ProtectGuard and ImperGuard range of products. These range of products protect a wide range of everyday surfaces from;

  • Water and Oil Staining,

  • Greasy Stains

  • General Atmospheric Pollution,

  • Saltpetre attack (from salt water pools),

  • Efflorescence formation,

  • Graffiti

  • Moss and lichen growth,

  • Acid rain,

  • Prevents Chewing Gum from sticking,

  • Creates surfaces which are easier to clean and maintain.

Further to preventing and limiting these unsightly common issues, our range does all this while being;

  • Bio Degradable,

  • LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

  • Water Based

  • Non Hazardous and Non Toxic

  • Petroleum solvent and silicon free

  • Low VOC’s

  • Invisible (Wet Finish or coloured where required)

  • UV Stable

  • Non Film Forming, lets the surface breath, therefore not creating any trapped moisture issues.

  • Abrasion Resistant

Our ProtectGuard and Imperguard range protect all porous surfaces in a wide range of locations in both commercial and residential applications. We can protect;

  • Concrete,

  • Natural Stone,

  • Limestone

  • Travertine

  • Bluestone

  • Paving Blocks

  • Artificial Stone

  • Granite

  • Bluestone

  • Non Polished and Non Crystalised Marble.

Due to the versality, safety and attributes within our product range we can protect Internally and Externally on;

  • Driveways,

  • Alfresco Areas,

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete,

  • Polished Concrete,

  • Dining Areas,

  • Feature Walls,

  • Feature Render,

  • Table Tops and food prep areas,

  • Barbeque Areas,

  • If it is porous we can protect it.

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