At Guard we often get referred to as the stone and concrete doctors, this is due to us being called for to solve a wide range of staining problems.

Our aim is to achieve the best possible results to common problems without harming the environment or harming the health of the user, this has resulted in years of research and development to produce high quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-acidic cleaners.

Using our cleaning range you can quickly remove,

  • Heavy Soiling,

  • Efflorescence,

  • Cement deposits,

  • Oil stains,

  • Greasy stains,

  • Moss and Lichen growth,

  • Surface rust,

  • A wide range of staining and soiling that occurs in every house and commercial property.

Due to the safe nature of our cleaning range, we can clean a wide range of areas without worrying about killing vegetation, poisoning pets, impacting on human health, impacting local waterways or destroying the surface that we are trying to clean. This allows us to clean

  • Driveways,

  • Alfresco Areas,

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete,

  • Polished Concrete,

  • Dining Areas,

  • Feature Walls,

  • Feature Render,

  • Pool areas,

  • Barbeque Areas,

  • If it is dirty we can clean it.

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