Vegetable origin cleaner for elimination of moss, lichen and algae

D’Moss Guard Eco is an innovative moss cleaner that associates efficiency and safety of use.


  • D’Moss Guard Eco penetrates deeply into materials and has a very quick efficiency (visible action from 24 hours). Contrary to other products using quaternary ammonium,

  • D’Moss Guard Eco uses the lactic acid as the biocidal active agent. Lactic acid is 100% vegetable origin, 100% biodegradable and non toxic.

  • D’Moss Guard Eco is therefore safer to use than other products on the market (it is non corrosive, non irritant, and non toxic)


For lasting results, we recommend to protect the surface
with the appropriate sealer from the Guard Industrie

Properties :

Innovative moss cleaner designed with safety in mind

100% Vegetable origin

Contains no ammonium, does not corrode or damage materials

For use on virtually any surface

Non Irritant

Easy to use

100% biodegradable

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