Guard Industry specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing cosmetics for materials. We can offer a complete range of solutions for protecting, decorating, consolidating and cleaning materials. Our products are designed to solve problems including damp, dirt, pollution and graffiti, and are suitable for every kind of substrate such as natural stone, concrete, brick, marble, bluestone, granite, limestone...

With 25 Years experience, a presence in 60 countries and 12 patents, you can be confident in that using Guard Industry products you are using the best products on the market


Combining chemical ambition with care for the environment is one of our most important objectives

Constructing a building has impacts on the environment. The products used in its construction, maintenance or cleaning are still too often environmentally aggressive. From our beginnings we have always been committed to sustainable development. Our products are developed to rigorous specifications in terms of environmental friendliness. We also attach great importance to developing, promoting and distributing green technologies.

The Best Protection

Best preventive solutions to major causes of degradation associated with porous building materials


Our protection products prevent water seepage and therefore eliminate negative effects caused by humidity (erosion, degradation due to continuous ‘freezethaw’ cycles, efflorescence, saltpeter, development of micro-organisms, etc.)


Our protection products make materials more resistant to staining, oil and atmospheric pollution. They make maintenance easier and ensure the longevity and quality of building renovations.

Anti-graffiti protection

Our protection products create a barrier that prevents deep penetration of ink and paint pigments into porous materials. Once a material is treated, graffiti can be more easily removed with antigraffiti products from the GraffiGuard® range.


Guard Industry products have been trusted to CLEAN and PROTECT a wide range of surfaces throughout our 60 countries of operation. From limestone tiling in 238 new build apartments in Melbourne, to protection of the 284 columns in St Peter's Square and Bernini's colonnade constructed in the early 16th century. No matter what substrate you need to clean and protect, we will have a solution.


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