Our Dedication

From our very beginnings we have always been committed to manufacturing innovative, high-quality products, this is done through continuous heavy investment in research and development. We are genuinely concerned about threats to the environment, so we design products to a strict specification in order to be people-friendly and planet-friendly.

Innovative chemical structure

ProtectGuard® products’ unique properties come from their very original chemical structure, which in turn gives the oil and water repellent properties, with a high resistance to abrasion.
ProtectGuard® products are fluorinated acrylic copolymers, which contain four chemical attachments, each one having a specific function:

The fluorinated group.

These are the fluorine atoms, which, by reducing the surface tension of the treated material, create a real barrier that avoids water and oil penetration (and inks as far as graffiti is concerned).

The cationic group.


Allows solubility of the copolymer resin in water and a good link with the mineral substrate.

The non-ionic group.


It is necessary for the product’s use and assist in the fluorinated chains to be distributed on a material surface.

The silanated group.


This reinforces the copolymer adhesion in the fabric of a materials surface which in turn improves then the abrasion resistance and the treatment duration.

Products Respectful of Materials

A completely invisible protection

ProtectGuard® products are impregnation products. They penetrate into materials without forming a film. Invisible once dry, they do not modify a materials structure or its color.

Materials protected with ProtectGuard® products remain permeable to air and water vapour

ProtectGuard® products do not modify the materials characteristics. The permeability loss of moisture for a treated material is less than 10% (result calculated in accordance with the 52615 standard).


There are 3 main ways to protect materials

Impregnation Products

  • Non Film Forming

  • Permeable to air and water

  • Not prone to spaling or blistering

  • Will not impact slip rating

  • Invisible

Pores Filling Products

  • Very good protection against water and dirt

  • Decreases breathability of the material

  • Prone to changing the slip rating of the product

  • Increased risk of spaling or blistering

Waterproofing Products

  • Good protection against water

  • Good resistance to chemical products

  • Form a film

  • Modify stones appearance

  • Can turn yellow and blister

  • Decreased breathibility

  • Prone to blistering

Now we know what guard product do, time to understand how it works?



When a liquids superficial tension is less than a solids surface energy, the the liquid will penetrate into the solid.

To protect materials the aim is to reduce the surface energy of any given solid .

Guards Impregnation Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers Properties

  • Very good protection against water, solvents and grease

  • Very good anti adhesion properties (eg: teflon® technology)

  • Carbon-fluorine bonds are very steady => long lasting protection properties

  • High thermostability

  • Very good chemical inertness

  • In case of stagnant water, hydrophobic protection decreases

With fluoropolymers applied to a solid , the surface energy decreases as far as 10mN/m.

This surface energy is low enough to not only repel water, but also oil and solvents (Graffiti)

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